Westby runners honoring Lucas Knight

It wasn’t easy, but the Westby cross country team was able to compete during the pandemic.

“Everything was up in the air.”

In order to run, there were several parts of the season they had to sacrifice.

“There was the conversation of ‘what’s going to happen to individual conference awards,” Westby head coach Brian Huebner said.

Due to the pandemic, postseason awards for these students were less likely. So when Coach Huebner was looking a way to honor his runners, he looked to the sky.

“He just loved flying.”

Lucas Knight ran for Westby when he was in high school before going to college to study aviation.

“I will always remember the passion he brought to it.”

He’d often come back and keep coach updated on the dream he was living.

“He found a passion that he really loved. It wouldn’t have been a problem for him to go to work each and every day.”

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And up to the day he died in a plane crash seven months ago, he was doing exactly what he loved.

“After the shock of what had happened had transpired, you turn your attention to ‘what can I do, how can I help?”

With the help of Lucas’ family, they knew how to honor his memory.

“The idea was ‘well, if we could give out the all-conference awards in memory of Lucas.”

As a tribute to the young man who worked for what he loved, they brought the awards back for this season.

“Even if he’s not here any more it’s a really good motivator for me to keep doing my best,” sophomore Denali Huebner said.

“I never got to run with Lucas, just hearing how hard-working he was, it felt good that I was able to give it my all,” senior Bailey Olson added.

“To give the award to kids that have worked so hard to accomplish the things he have is a memorial to his life. And how he lead his life.”