Westby Old Towne Inn receives community support

The Coronavirus pandemic has been tough on businesses. But for one local business, it’s not just the pandemic that’s giving them trouble. In Westby there’s a business that sits on a road it was named after.. The Old Towne Inn has been serving the Westby community for 40 years.

“Westby is proud to have a supper club, they’re kind of a dying breed,” said Mary Charles.

This particular supper club has shuttered its doors after a strong storm caused water damage to the roof.

“It’s definitely a struggle, it was a struggle to begin with, with being closed down with COVID, and then when we reopened with restrictions, 50% seating capacity and social distancing, that was a challenge in and of itself. and now this on top of it is just unbelieveable,” said Blane Charles.

One top of structural damage and COVID-19 complications, this season is a particularly hard time to be losing business.

“Typically the busy season would be April through October,”said Blane.

And the lack of funds have pushed the Charles’ to start a GoFundMe to help with their expenses. And the community immediately responded, over $18,000 has been donated.

“It was really hard to do… we didn’t…. it’s just a hard thing to ask people to give their money and everybody’s kind of in the same boat. There’s a lot of restaurants that are struggling as well. But at some point we decided that there’s just no way to recover from this, having all these other bills for things that we weren’t anticipating,” said Mary.

But some things are worth fighting for.

“We’re not ready to give up on this. I mean this was a dream of ours, and we’re not ready to give up on that. So I guess frankly, we’re doing whatever we need to do to keep this going and this is what we feel we need to do at this time,” said Blane.

The Charles’ say if you can’t donate money, there are other alternatives…

“Keeping us in your prayers would be great,” said Blane.

Blane and Mary said another way to support their business is to purchase gift cards now that can be used when they reopen.