Westby creameries prepare for World Championship Cheese Contest in Madison

WESTBY, Wis. (WKBT) – There’s nothing cheesy about competing for a championship. That’s what 17 western Wisconsin companies and cooperatives are vying for this week.

They will compete with dairy processors from 28 countries around the world and 31 U.S. states. The 2022 World Championship Cheese Contest begins Tuesday in Madison.

A total of nearly three thousand products of cheese, butter, yogurt, and dry dairy ingredients will be judged. With Several local companies well represented in the La Crosse region, there’s no shortage of community pride.

“We’ve got great cheesemakers close by; not just cheesemakers, great cheesemakers,” said Brenda Jensen, owner of Hidden Springs Creamery in Westby.  “A lot of them in Wisconsin. That just reinforces the bond that we have with cheesemakers in Wisconsin.”

“There’s a bunch of cheesemakers and then there’s a bunch of people who do all sorts of other food stuff too. There’s a lot of magic stuff happening here; a lot of stuff going on here in the Driftless area,” said Sarah Bekkum, owner of Nordic Creamery in Westby.

The World Championship Cheese Contest has been around since 1957.