West Salem Softball intent on defending consecutive Coulee titles

Plenty has changed from the last time West Salem Softball has taken the field, but one thing has stayed the same–their desire to compete.

When the Panthers finished their 2019 season with a loss in sectionals, they were planning on returning a team of talented seniors. Now the team only has three seniors with four starting spots for the taking.

As those spots will get filled, the underclassmen will look to the few seniors on the team to guide…and continue the pre-pandemic winning tradition.

“Our seniors have always been someone that I’ve looked up to, all the upperclassmen, and now it’s crazy to think that I’m that senior that other people are going to look up to,” senior Maddie Quick said. “They’ve installed some norms that we do here in how we work hard, always put forward 100% effort, we always hustle, and now it’s our job to install those norms into underclassmen for years to come.”

The Panthers also have a new field completed last year. Coach Babiash hopes it can be used during the State tournament.