West Salem Boys & Girls Club gives back with random acts of kindness

Group organizes acts of kindness every week to spread compassion in community

The West Salem Boys and Girls Club is doing its part to spread compassion.

The “Kindness Club” meets every Wednesday at West Salem Middle School to come up with random acts of kindness.

This Wednesday, the group went to a nearby home to help rake leaves from the lawn. The site was recommended by a parent who said the homeowner was having a hard time keeping up with their yardwork.

West Salem Boys and Girls Club site director Mac Kiel says the activities help instill kindness into the kids, and gets them thinking about how they can help the community.

“A lot of our kids wanted to help out and show that compassion and come and rake their lawn just out of the goodness of their hearts,” said Kiel.

Kids at the Boys and Girls Club say they like giving a helping hand and making others feel good.

“(An) Act of kindness means you’re doing something good for other people, and you want to do that because then they can pay it out to you,” said 5th grader Corbin Frydenlund.

Next week, the group plans to write kind messages on post-it notes, which they will then post around the middle school.