West Salem boy hiking every mile of Wisconsin’s Ice Age Trail

Trail stretches more than 1000 miles across 30 counties

A 6th grader from West Salem is taking on a big challenge.

Chase Jones heard about Wisconsin’s Ice Age Trail from a teacher about two years ago, and has wanted to hike the entire trail ever since. The trail stretches for more than a thousand miles across 30 counties in Wisconsin.

He started the trip with his dad, Jon, last November and has tackled the trail a few miles at a time, but dad wasn’t always excited about the possibility of the hike.

“Oh, well there were a few curse words under my breath when I heard about him wanting to do this whole activity,” joked Jon Jones. “Eventually with his begging and his interest in the outdoors, it’s hard to turn him down.”

Chase and his dad have covered 315 miles so far and hope to complete the entire trail sometime next summer.

Chase would become the youngest person to walk all 1000+ miles of the trail if he completes the journey.