Storm Tracker

About the Storm Tracker Map

News8000 Storm Tracker follows the most severe storms from around the country.

Track the highest risk areas and follow along with storm chasers through their GPS units.

A car icon will appear on the map when a storm chaser has activated their GPS. Click on a car icon to view LIVE streaming video or images from that storm chaser. More storm chasers become visible when severe risks are elevated, so come back often.

Follow famous chasers, like Reed Timmer and the TIV, as seen on the Discovery Channel's show Storm Chasers

What do the different colored cars mean?

Storm Tracker vehicles with no recent GPS data received

Storm Tracker vehicles with active GPS data

Other Storm Trackers with active GPS data

Watch LIVE Storm Tracker Video
Click on the cars on the Storm Tracker map to ride along with storm chasers via GPS


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