Watch Jennifer Livingston’s Ten Outstanding Young Americans speech

News anchor honored by United States Junior Chamber (the Jaycees)

On June 28, News 8 This Morning Anchor Jennifer Livingston was honored as one of the United States Junior Chamber’s Ten Outstanding Young Americans.

Livingston was honored for her efforts to encourage the community to rise above people who bully others and be more compassionate.

“We are better than the haters and we are better than the judgers and the only person who should be able to define me is me. The only person who should be able to define you is you,” Livingston said during her speech in Baltimore, Maryland. “And if that’s what makes me outstanding, I think that’s so wonderful because every single person in this room has the ability to be outstanding.”

Here’s the complete Class of 2014 Ten Outstanding Young Americans:

Amelia Rose Earhart, 31, Aviatrix; Founder/CEO, Fly With Amelia Foundation; Denver, CO Colmon Elridge, III, 32, Senior Advisor to the Governor of KY; Georgetown, KY Jennifer L. Livingston, 38, News Anchor, WKBT; La Crosse, WI Landau Eugene Murphy, Jr, 39, Entertainer; Logan, WV Lauren B. Beach, 30, Lawyer & PhD Candidate; Minneapolis, MN Lieutenant Commander Michael Files, 39, US Navy; Battle Creek, MI Michael Schultz, 32, Athlete; Founder, Inventor, Fabricator at Biodapt, Inc.; St. Cloud, MN Ruth Riley, 34, WNBA player; Miami Beach, FL Taryn Davis, 28, Founder, Executive Director, American Widow Project; Buda, TX Tevan Green, 36, President/CEO, Citadel Logic, LLC; Yorktown, VA