Watch for motorcyclists as temperatures rise

Some safety tips as motorcycles join you on the roads

As the weather gets warmer you might notice more and more motorcycles out and about.

If you’re taking the bike out this weekend or see one on the road try to keep an eye out for one another. There’s still a lot of salt and sand on the roads making this time of year extra dangerous for bikers.

If you’re a first time rider motorcyclists say get familiar with your bike before you take it for a spin.

“Get trained, get licensed. There are a large number of people out there that aren’t licensed or aren’t properly trained out on the road. I’ve been riding for several years before I took a class and I’m glad I did and I do recommend it to everybody,” said Abate of Wisconsin Public Relations Director Dean Bartosch.

For information on safety tips or if you want to learn how to ride you can head the website listed on your screen.