Watch for leaky basements with high temps, rainfall

Water cannot soak into frozen ground

Rains and above-average temperatures are causing an issue for homeowners in our area.

Excess water from melting and precipitation is not able to sink into the still-frozen ground, causing it to leak into people’s basements.

There are a few tips you can follow to prevent major leaks and water damage though. Water-proofing experts say you should regularly check your landscaping and clean your gutters.

New homeowners can go months and even years without seeing water in their basements, but it can still happen.

“Oftentimes what happens then is that then you just have to get shop vacs, clean it all up, get as much of the water as you can out. People have then called Surf Pro and other companies like that to come and clean out and get the moisture and the humidity out of the house. It’s really the minimal thing and the best thing you can do, and you need to do it quickly,” said Basement Solutions Owner Thomas Garibaldi.

Water-proofing experts say interior basement work can be done year-round. They do say any major exterior work is best left until Spring.