Watch for gambling addiction during March Madness

Local doctors warn March Madness can spark addicti

March Madness kicked-off Tuesday night, but be careful how much you bet.

Health providers warn gambling can be a serious problem for some families. According to doctors at Gundersen Health System, gambling can spark the pleasure centers of the brain, leading to an addiction.

Doctors say March Madness can be one of the biggest triggers for gambling addicts.

“There are friends that get together and gamble, there’s drinking associated with it, there’s gathering. So all of those things go in together, that can create a hotbed for someone who may otherwise have an outstanding gambling disorder that’s even been in remission,” said Gundersen Health System Psychology and Behavioral Health Doctor Thomas Ledoux.

According to health providers, signs of addiction include hiding the habit, a sudden change in behavior, and the habit negatively affecting your finances, relationships and work.