Warrant: Sun Prairie woman decapitated by 4-foot blade

The Sun Prairie man suspected of killing his mother had beheaded her with a 4-foot-long sword, according to a search warrant.

A search warrant to collect various biological DNA from 40-year-old Matthew Skalitzky was filed in Dane County court Tuesday. In the document, police said 68-year-old Jane Skalitzky was found decapitated at her son Matthew Skalitzky’s rented condo at 1052 Providence Common Friday afternoon. Police said Matthew Skalitzky, who had a “significant amount of blood on him,” was taken into custody at the scene.

Matthew Skalitzky’s roommate was home at the time of the homicide, according to the search warrant. He told police that Jane and Matthew had arrived at the condo shortly before noon Friday and had gone upstairs. He said he heard Jane yelling “No, no, no” and went upstairs to find Matthew holding a sword and Jane’s body on the ground and her head decapitated.

The roommate told police he led Matthew down the stairs “like a child” and told him to sit on the couch while the roommate left the condo and crossed the courtyard to call 911.

Police asked Matthew if his mother was dead, and he replied “yes, but she’s not my real mother,” according to the search warrant.

The search warrant also mentioned that Matthew’s father, Joseph Skalitzky, told police Matthew had not been taking his medications. The search warrant did not specify the type of medications Matthew had been prescribed.

According to the court document, police found a black-handled sword with blood on it on the patio just outside the front door.

Sun Prairie police told News 3 they expect to deliver paperwork to the Dane County District Attorney’s Office Wednesday recommending charges against Matthew Skalitzky in connection with the homicide

Dane County District Attorney Ismael Ozanne told News 3 officials are looking into Matthew’s mental competency before charges are filed.

An attorney for the Skalitzky family said the family did not wish to comment on the incident Wednesday.