Warming temperatures rise along with probability of mayfly hatches

Mayflies hatch around this time of year

As temperatures warm up, you may start to see an influx of Mayflies this season.

Mayflies and their larvae spend most of their life underwater as a great food source for fish, but when temperatures in the water warm, the ‘hatching’ process begins.

Typically, mayflies hatch around late June and early July but experts say this year it’s more difficult to predict when hatches will happen.

“Ongoing flooding and high water that we’ve had, makes it kind of hard to predict whether we’re going to see more hatches or not,” says Visitor Services Manager of the Upper Mississippi River National Fish & Wildlife Refuge, Hallie Rasmussen.

Mayflies are also a great indicator of a healthy river because they need a lot of oxygen in the water to survive, and in highly polluted water oxygen levels are low.

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