Warm weather doesn’t slow business at Mt. La Crosse

Mt. La Crosse opens to skiers

LA CROSSE, Wis. (WKBT) – The warmer temperatures have been great for skiers and snow boarders looking to hit the slopes, but Mt. La Crosse has had to put a halt on snow making.

The Ski & Board Shop is still able to keep six of their trails open, which are all beginner and intermediate hills. However, they will need colder weather to make more snow and open up the difficult slopes.

Even with the unexpected weather Mt. La Crosse’s General Manager, Darcie Briedel, says business hasn’t slowed down.

“You know, anytime that the weather goes too warm or too cold, it’s really a challenge for us. If it gets really cold, the good side of that is we can make a lot of snow, but now it’s a little too warm, but the good side to that is it’s beautiful conditions for people to come out,” Briedel said.

With possible rain on the way, Mt. La Crosse may have to cut their hours in order to limit traffic on the snow.