Warm weather creates dangerous ice conditions

Conservation Wardens recommend taking precautions

The warm weather is creating potentially dangerous conditions for some outdoor sports.

The Wisconsin DNR says they do not monitor ice thickness, but the recent temperatures can cause the ice to melt quickly.

Conservation Wardens warn soft ice is a good sign of melting ice. Wardens recommend taking precautions if you need to go out on the ice.

“There’s a reason when you look out there there’s not as many fishermen, not as many people out on the ice, because it is starting to deteriorate very fast. So make sure if you do go out, make sure that you tell somebody you’re going out. It’s good to go out with someone else, not just by yourself,” said Conservation Warden Lieutenant Tyler Strelow.

Shanties on the Wisconsin-Minnesota border waters need to be removed by March 1. Shanties further inland have until the fifth.