Wanting to get away but still not feeling confident? Check out some of these La Crosse ‘staycation’ ideas

LA CROSSE, Wis. (WKBT) – Many of us are itching to getaway and go on vacation.. But a new study out of UWL suggests La Crosse residents aren’t willing to venture too far just yet. COVID-19 has forced many people to cancel their summer getaway plans. And that has local tourism leaders urging people to take advantage of all the Coulee Region has to offer…

“While people still anticipated traveling, this summer… they’re looking at staying a little bit closer to home,” said Dan Plunkett, a Professor of Recreation Management at UWL.

A study out of UWL says people are still wary of traveling, but feel safer venturing out close to home.

The CDC recommends hand sanitizer, social distancing, and continuous cleaning to keep businesses and people safe.

“About seven out of 10 respondents were indicating those three things as being important to them and making them just feel comfortable,” said Plunkett.

From the study results, Plunkett says people also feel better about being outdoors…

“We have over 100 miles of hiking trails. And also for bikes and mountain bikes as well, great cycling for the roads. If people want to get out and enjoy that, you can still social distance,” said A.J. Frels, the executive director at Explore La Crosse.

Explore La Crosse officials said places like the friendship gardens in Riverside Park and the Shrine of Our Lady of Guadalupe are blooming with flowers right now. La Crosse waterways also offer an abundance of ‘staycation’ activities…

“The canoeing, kayaking, fishing that we have to offer is tremendous and from my understanding, the sales for fishing licences have hit an all time record,” said Frels.

Right now, availability of equipment at rental shops is somewhat of a question mark, so calling ahead to make reservations is a good idea.

“As long as people can feel comfortable doing it, people want to travel, and experience different places still,” said Plunkett.

If you’re still unsure about leaving your house, museums, zoos, national parks and other attractions across Wisconsin are still offering virtual tours. And if you’re looking to virtually leave the state, you can go to NASA’s website, and get a virtual tour of Mars.