Walker wants better fencing, deer movement bans to fight CWD

Gov. Scott Walker is directing state agriculture officials to develop regulations requiring captive deer farms to bolster fencing as chronic wasting disease continues to spread across Wisconsin.

The order would require farmers to install a second fence, an electric fence or an impermeable physical barrier.

The governor also announced that he has ordered agriculture officials to develop regulations banning the movement of live deer from deer farms in CWD-affected counties.

He said he has ordered the state Department of Natural Resources to draw up regulations banning the movement of deer’s spinal cords and allowing whole carcass movement out of CWD-affected counties only if the deer is headed to a taxidermist or meat processor.

The governor has taken criticism for a largely hands-off approach to CWD. Walker, who faces re-election in November, says it’s time to get more aggressive.
This story has been updated to correct that the regulations would allow farmers to choose between several fencing options and wouldn’t require double fencing.