Walker visits Bangor business on ‘Working for Wisconsin’ tour

Stella Jones specializes in treating railroad ties

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker is making our area the latest stop on his ‘Working for Wisconsin’ tour.

The governor visited Stella Jones in Bangor today.

They’re a company that specializes in treating railroad ties and normally employs about 70 people.

But for the past year and a half they’ve been short-staffed by about 8 people.

Governor Walker says it’s an example of another Wisconsin business that has jobs available but can’t find qualified workers.

“Great challenges like this bring opportunities. We have an opportunity but I think going forward, one of the things we’re going to be looking at in the next couple months is looking at ways that we can shift resources from traditional economic development efforts into workforce training issues, because the biggest thing we hear from employers is not the lack of jobs, it’s not having enough people to fill those positions.”

The facility is looking to increase their staff by 10%.

“It was great that he wanted to spend a little time with a smaller Wisconsin business, learning about the product that’s made here. It was a huge honor to have him here,” says Stella Jones Division Manager Liz Russell.