Walker stops in Onalaska during re-election tour

Looks to improvements in the future

Wisconsin’s Governor stopped in our area Monday morning to say his re-election will create a brighter future for the state.

The visit to Onalaska’s Empire Screen Printing is the start of Governor Scott Walker’s three-day re-election campaign tour.

He touched on accomplishments his administration has made, including creating jobs, improving education funding, and reducing state taxes. Despite the advances, Walker focused on the need to continue the state’s forward momentum.

“I am more optimistic about the future of this state than I have been at any point in my lifetime. I hope you’re proud of the work that we’ve done together cause I’m proud of what this state has accomplished and I know there’s more to come, there’s more work to be done,” said Walker.

Governor Walker also visited a manufacturing company in Eau Claire for Monday’s re-election tour.

Walker officially announced his campaign Sunday during an event near Milwaukee.