Walker says he hopes to ride Harley across New Hampshire

Gov. Scott Walker says he’s looking forward to riding his Harley-Davidson motorcycle across the early presidential voting state of New Hampshire.

Walker made the comment after speaking at a tourism conference in La Crosse Monday morning, noting that New Hampshire is just 65 miles wide.

Walker spent the weekend in New Hampshire for his first visit since 2012. Walker is taking steps toward a likely presidential run, but has not yet officially declared his intentions. He qualified his comments about the New Hampshire Harley ride, saying he wants to do it “If we get in.”

Governor Walker also opened an office in Iowa, another state with an early caucus. He hasn’t officially announced he’s running for president, but says it’s something that will be decided soon.

“I think any reasonable candidate has to be in by mid summer,” Governor Walker said. “I don’t know we have a specific date but I think anybody me or anyone else who is serious about it has to be in by then. Right now what I’m really doing is listening to people and obviously spending a good chunk of my time here working on our state budget.”

The state’s budget is expected to be finalized by the first of July.

Walker said he has been able to balance his time “whether it’s been here or anywhere else. I mean that’s the beauty of living in an electronic age. Even on the days I was gone last week or two weeks ago when the legislature passed freedom to work legislation, I was on the phone multiple times a day.”

Walker plans to make his first trip to South Carolina on Thursday, for a four-city swing. He’s scheduled to return to New Hampshire in April.