Walker pushes health care plan ahead of state Senate vote

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker made a final push for his Health Care Stability Plan in La Crosse today. He says that if the state Senate approves the measures, it would lower insurance costs for everyone.

During a visit to La Crosse’s Mayo Clinic Health System Cancer Center, Governor Scott Walker (R-Wis.) met with healthcare providers and patients. He says that regardless of what happens to health care at a national level, part of his plan would protect people with preexisting conditions in Wisconsin.

“Whether it’s cancer or some other serious disease or ailment, everyone in this state should have access to coverage,” Walker said.

Under the Health Care Stability Plan, Walker has also proposed using the State Innovation Waiver. He claims the reinsurance program would drive down premiums at an individual level to what they are in group plans.

“That suddenly makes it affordable again for people to get access for themselves, for their families, for their coworkers,” Walker said.

The state-based program would cost $200 million in state and federal funds.

“It will lower premiums and introduce more choices and more options for patients in the state.”

Along with the plan is a request for a permanent waiver to support Senior Care, which was renewed through the end of the year.

“Seniors like that need additional help in terms of access to reasonably priced prescription drugs. Senior Care is a big part of that,” Walker said.

With more people having access to affordable coverage, Walker said they’ll be more likely to receive preventative care instead of heading to the emergency room.

“Where there’s a huge cost that gets passed on not just to the systems but to the rest of us,” he said.