Walker campaigns at Remis Power Systems Inc. in Onalaska

MU Poll: Among likely voters Walker has current lead

Wisconsin’s governor was back in the Coulee Region Friday.

Governor Scott Walker campaigned at Remis Power Systems Incorporated in Onalaska.

The company sells high powered batteries for industrial work and has recently expanded operations to other parts of the state. Walker was joined by the National Federation of Independent Business which recently endorsed him for re-election.

Walker says he’s getting support for creating a climate for business growth that’s created thousands of small businesses and even more jobs in the state.

“Our plan talks about helping people learn more and earn more, getting more skilled workers into the workforce to help small businesses grow and make sure that for those people who are able, we move them into work as opposed to government assistance,” said Governor Walker.

His opponent says the numbers aren’t good enough. Democrat Mary Burke cites the US Bureau of Labor Statistics that in 2013 Wisconsin ranked 37th in the nation for private job growth rate, nearly a full percentage point below the national average.

“It affects everyone, because as you grow the economy, that’s more money that’s spent in our local communities, in local businesses that then hires more people, so a lagging economy affects everyone,” said Burke.

Governor Walker picked up the largest lead a candidate has seen among likely voters in the latest Marquette Law School poll.

Election Day is November 4.