WAFER revamps food pantry with ‘client choice’ design

Redesign makes pantry look, feel more like a grocery store

WAFER’s food pantry is getting a different look.

Staff and volunteers spent Wednesday afternoon reorganizing the pantry to make it look and feel more like a grocery store.

Previously, people using the food pantry had to rely on volunteers to show them which items were available and retrieve those items.

WAFER Executive Director Erin Waldhart says the new “client choice” format will allow people to feel more independent when using the pantry.

“It’s good for them because it provides a little bit more dignity and service,” said Waldhart. “It’s a little bit more compassionate and caring and it also helps reduce waste, so they’re going to see the items that they like and they’re going to choose those and not things that they wouldn’t use.”

The revamped WAFER pantry will open Thursday at 10 a.m.