Wafer Mobile Food Pantry truck vandalized over weekend

LA CROSSE, Wis. (WKBT) – An organization that does so much for others is dealing with a challenging situation.

Wafer’s Mobile Food Pantry truck was vandalized over the weekend.

The catalytic converter was stolen and damage was found underneath the truck.

Thankfully, a local mechanic was able to make repairs on the truck right away, so Wafer was able to keep up with food deliveries.

But experiencing something like this is disappointing and stressful for staff and volunteers who are dedicated to doing good.

“What we do here on a daily basis, it’s hard work. When you throw in having to make a spontaneous repair, try to work the repair into our regular route schedule so we don’t miss a beat… it’s difficult and it’s time-consuming and it diverts our staff into other areas besides just providing good service,” said Wafer’s Executive Director, Erin Waldhart.

Waldhart said repairs will cost over $2,000.

And unfortunately, this isn’t the first time the Mobile Food Pantry has been vandalized.

About two to three months ago, the swinging doors were pried open and broken.

In addition, other Wafer vehicles have been tampered with.

Waldhart said the organization will be putting a security system in place to prevent it from happening again.