Voters attend caucuses in Minnesota, including in Winona

WINONA, Minn. (WKBT)- Minnesota voters headed to caucuses across the state Tuesday night, but they weren’t picking a presidential candidate to award delegates to at this year’s national convention.

This year’s presidential preference primary in Minnesota will take place next week as part of Super Tuesday.

However, party leaders say important business was still taking place Tuesday night at these neighborhood meetups

Those who showed up at republican and democratic caucuses in Winona could help shape party platforms and elect delegates and alternates to future conventions.

“Grassroots is really how anything can get done and so if we can work here tonight to start working on changing the world around us, eventually we should be able to change the world entirely,” said Winona Co. DFL Vice Chair Jacob Grippen.

“We’re looking to elect more conservative candidates for the house, the senate so this is where it all takes place starting at the caucuses tonight,” said Tim Hanson from the Winona Co. Republican Party.

91 Delegates are up for grabs in Minnesota’s primary on Super Tuesday.