Volunteers spend the day cleaning up the Mississippi River

LA CROSSE, Wis. (WKBT) – The Mississippi River is looking a little cleaner thanks to about 180 volunteers.

On Saturday they spent the day out on their boats or walking along the shoreline, pulling trash out of the river.

It’s for the 27th annual Mississippi River Clean Up, which took place at four area boat landings.

And it’s amazing what people find hiding at the bottom of the Mississippi.

Plastic barrels, metal, tires, batteries, and hazardous waste are just some of the things these volunteers find.

It’s hard work, but their efforts are paying off.

“We’ve made our community a better place, not only for us to live in, but for the wildlife resources we have here in La Crosse,” said Russell Wilson, Mississippi River Clean Up committee member.

Wilson says most of the trash is from people being careless and leaving junk in the floodplain where it gets swept away.

Since 1993, nearly 700,000 pounds of trash has been removed from the river.