Volunteers help clean up well-known family’s home

Home damaged from flooding

It’s been one week since storms caused heavy flooding damage through many parts of our area.

Some families are still busy picking up the mess, including a well-known family in Sparta.

Five feet of water entered Marty and Chris Severson’s home just outside of Sparta on Thursday.

“The refrigerator was floating, and banging into the ceiling,” Severson said.

Severson, or as many know him as Brucie Bumchuckels, is still in shock looking in his home.

“It happened so fast it’s just surreal,” Severson said. “I’m not one that runs around and screams and hollers, it’s just like, I had work to do so I shut the power off what else can I do to move forward, and all of a sudden you realized you can’t do anything, nothing.”

The flooding damaged the entire downstairs of his home, destroying most of his family’s personal items.

“I tried to come back into the house to open it up and see if I could save something, but the water pressure was so great, I couldn’t get in. So all I could do is watch through the window and watch everything disintegrate,” Severson said.

But like always, when disaster strikes friends like Mary Monsoor are trying to do what they can to help clean up the mess.

“You get so much more back than what you give. It’s just a feel good because you’re helping people sort of thing,” Monsoor said.

And for this family, that help is overwhelming.

“It’s almost impossible to describe,” Severson said. “I mean, these people show up, they have other things to do in their lives, and this is filthy, but here they are I don’t know what I’d do if people didn’t show up. So the volunteers are literally saving my life.”

As a Vietnam Veteran, his training tells him to move forward

“They teach you in the military to adapt, improvise and overcome, you have no options. You don’t stop. You don’t stop,” Severson said.

The Seversons said the entire lower half of this house is a completely ruined and will need a total gut job, but the timetable is still up in the air.

The Severson family is having a benefit on Friday, August 25, at 7 p.m. at Boot Hill Pub, 1501 St. Andrew St, La Crosse.

For anyone who can’t attend, but would still like to contribute, we’ve set up this GoFundMe account: https://www.gofundme.com/brucie-bumchuckles-flood-fund.