Volunteers clean up Riverfest

After a weekend of food, fun and fireworks, this year’s Riverfest celebrations have finally wrapped up.

Most of the clean-up is done by now, and that’s thanks to volunteers putting in 10 or even 12 hours at Riverside Park Sunday. Some will return Monday to help rip down the last of the tents. 

“We actually start right away when we shut the gates down Saturday night,” says Riverfest president Nick Bjerke.  “We have a crew that works for a couple hours taking down fences to be prepped and to be loaded, and then on Saturday morning we go through and finish up all that, take down everything else, and really Monday is just final clean-up, filling in some holes and making the park goes back to normal.”

Most volunteers have been at it since 7 a.m. and didn’t leave before 5. There was plenty of heavy lifting to do, and plenty of hands do it – many who’ve been doing it for years.

Thanks to the work these volunteers are putting in on a quiet Sunday, Riverside Park will return to normal after a weekend of fourth of July fun.

Riverfest organizers say this year’s crowd was fair compared to years past, but they won’t have any official numbers until later this week.