Volunteers clean up La Crosse college campus

Students at Western Technical College pick up garbage

It’s National Volunteer Week and students at Western Technical College are getting involved with a number of activities.

On Tuesday, about 40 students covered a 12-block campus area by picking up cigarette butts and other garbage.

It’s one of two clean-up events the students hold every year. The other is held after Oktoberfest in the fall.

Event organizers said it’s a way for students to give back and keep the community looking clean.

“Students get a bad rap a lot of times, and a lot of students do come out and do do a lot of things that are good,” said ¬†Western Technical College alum Gary Grenawalt.

“We’re hoping it’ll help people clean up their own areas a little bit. If you see trash on the street, pick it up and, you know, throw it in the trash bin,” said Western Technical college student Brooke Bakken.

Western students have been hosting campus clean-up events for the past four years.