Volunteers build playset for Chippewa Falls girl fighting cancer

CHIPPEWA FALLS, Wis. (WKBT) — A little girl fighting cancer in Chippewa Falls will have somewhere to play in her own backyard after Ashley Furniture and Roc Solid Foundation teamed up to build her a playset.

Ramsey Dommer, who will turn one next week, was diagnosed with a type of liver cancer called hepatoblastoma at five days old. The founder of the Roc Solid Foundation, Eric Newman, has personal experience with the same disease.

He fought the same cancer as a child before going on to create the Roc Solid Foundation, a nonprofit that builds playsets for kids fighting cancer across the U.S.

“Why playsets? Because play is one of the first things taken from a child’s daily routine when he/she is diagnosed with cancer. And when kids are playing, cancer is the last thing on their minds,” says the foundation.

In a fun coincidence, Newman and Ramsey share a birthday: June 10.