Volunteers begin working on annual Rotary Lights display

Another sign of the changing seasons is happening at Riverside Park.

Volunteers are already starting to string up lights for this year’s Rotary Lights display. They started the project of putting up the millions of lights last Friday and will be be in the park every day until opening night, weather permitting.

In all, hundreds of volunteers will help get this year’s display together, including Tom Svec.

“We have a lot of good core volunteers and lots of volunteers,” said Svec.

He’s been volunteering for the Rotary Lights since 2000, but says he never gets tired of seeing the end result of all of his hard work.

“I still enjoy the first night when we turn all the lights on. (It’s a) big thrill to see them all come on,” said Svec.

As always, the switch will be flipped at Riverside Park the night after Thanksgiving, with the Rotary Lights being on every night through the end of the year.