Viterbo University welcomes to students to campus and La Crosse

Classes start on Monday

LA CROSSE, Wis. (WKBT)- It’s the beginning of a new journey for students at Viterbo University.

Students are moving in on campus. Students and their families are hauling their belongings into their residence halls. Families had plenty of help.  Student organizations, staff, and sports teams volunteered to help.

Viterbo’s president’s says starting something new can be hard, and they want make new students feel welcome. “We just want to take that nervousness out of the process. It’s a big deal for a family to drop their child off at college and it’s a big deal for the student that’s making that transition from high school to college,” explains Rick Trietley.

After settling into their rooms, students head to orientation at the Murphy Center to complete paperwork.

Classes officially begin Monday.