Viterbo University hosts annual 101 show choir competition

Viterbo University hosted its annual 101 show choir competition Saturday. The university’s first competition of 2018, and it is a chance for high school and middle school groups to compete.

Nineteen groups came from all over the Midwest to participate in the competition, including local schools West Salem and Sparta high schools and Onalaska, Logan and La Crosse Lincoln middle schools.

Organizers of the event said it is a great opportunity for choir groups to kick off the new year.

“It’s a long day but it’s fun there’s a lot of energy. The students are all excited to be here. This is actually the first competition of the year so the students are really excited to sort of get the show on it’s feet, and have a choice to perform for the first time,” said Jen Roberdeau, Marketing Director of the Viterbo Fine Arts Center.

This was the 14th year Viterbo hosted the competition.