Viterbo nursing students take part in mock mass casualty scenario

Theatre students acted as victims

A mock explosion Friday tested the skills of local healthcare students.

Nursing students at Viterbo University responded to a mock mass casualty Friday afternoon.

Theatre students at the university acted as the victims to the simulated explosion on the second floor of the campus’ School of Nursing building. Victims had various medical concerns and certain parts of the scenario changed as students began responding.

The event was aimed at teaching students how they respond to emergencies and areas where they could improve.

“A little taste of realism, a little bit of a taste of ‘what ifs,’ and then a little bit of confusion, and I think that when we look at the ‘what coulds’ we have to look at how do we prepare and train for that,” said Viterbo University Assistant Professor of Nursing Lynne Kuhl.

About 30 nursing students took part in the training. 5 theatre students, 5 faculty, and a baby acted as the simulated victims.