Viterbo hosts 13th annual choir show

Viterbo University hosted its 13th annual 101 show choir competition Saturday.

It’s the first competition of the year and the first chance for many high school and middle school groups to compete.

One organizer says the competition is a great start to the year for students who are looking to improve their skills.

“We have a lot of judges critiques for them, an oral critique, a written critique, so they get a lot of chance to get feedback early on in the season, it’s a great chance for them to kind of get their show up and running and see some early judges feedback so they know going into the next competitions, what to expect and what they can work on to improve,” said Jen Roberdeau, director of audience services at Viterbo.

Five middle schools and 13 high school groups were a part of Saturday’s show, including a group all the way from Omaha, Nebraska.