Viterbo athletic fields getting a makeover

Bathrooms, locker rooms and concessions stands being added

The Viterbo University athletic fields are getting a makeover.    

Construction is underway at the school’s new outdoor athletics complex on Highway 16 in La Crosse.

The project will be completed in two phases. 

Plans include bathrooms, a changing room for athletes, and a place for concessions.

Crews will also be modifying the fields to prevent erosion from water runoff. 

The university hopes the improvements will give both players and fans a better game-time experience.

“It will be very nice for the student athletes as well as the general public not to have to use porta potties, for the athletes to be able to change here at the complex, certainly for the away athletes, they have a place to change rather than changing on the bus or back at the main campus,” said Viterbo’s Dir. of Physical Plant Gene McCurdy.

Crews will start constructing the actual complex sometime next year.