Vinyl record sales skyrocket

Today is one of the best sales days of the year for thousands of record stores around the world.

It’s National Record Store Day.

Record stores around the world are taking part in the annual event.

For many album collectors, this is one of the best days of the entire year, and it comes at a time where record sales are breaking records.

David Ferguson, an employee at Deaf Ear Records in downtown La Crosse, said it’s one of the best sales days of the year.

“We get a lot of support on Record Store Day,” Ferguson said.

He’s been waiting all year for this event.

“I’m very fond of it, it’s one of my favorite days of the year,” Ferguson said.

Ferguson has worked at the store for three years and said vinyl has been increasing in popularity.

“It’s only getting stronger. Every year, we have people waiting in line at 4 or 5 in the morning,” Ferguson said.

According to a revenue report by the Recording Industry Association of America, vinyl records and CDs are actually outselling digital downloads, and Ferguson thinks he knows why.

“It’s an addiction. Some weeks, I just feed my paycheck right back here,” Ferguson said.

Ferguson prefers the sound and artwork of vinyl records compared to CDs and digital music.

“If you’ve got the sound system to back it up, it does sound the best. Plus blown-up metal artwork is awesome. Can’t recommend it enough,” Ferguson said.

Vinyl collector Sara Remes has participated in every National Record Store Day since the event started in 2008.

“It’s Record Store Day so I’m out shopping, it’s kind of an annual thing for me,” Remes said.

She likes the escape the albums provide her from everyday life.

“Just the fact that it can take you through an experience is definitely what excites me because no matter the artist, no matter the style of music, each album takes you on a ride. It’s like a roller coaster,” Remes said.

Ferguson said today is so special because you’ll see serious collectors shopping alongside people who are new to vinyl, and he hopes it continues.

“I love that we get so much support here on Record Store Day. I just want people to keep it coming,” Ferguson said.

Many record stores, including Deaf Ear Records, received a shipment of limited edition albums for Record Store Day.

They’re selling used albums for 20% off through the weekend.

To find more record stores participating in the event, go to

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