Vikings safety Sendejo suspended 1 game for hit on Wallace

The NFL has suspended Vikings safety Andrew Sendejo for one game for violating player safety rules in Sunday’s win against the Baltimore Ravens.

Sendejo’s hit on Ravens receiver Mike Wallace on Baltimore’s seconds series of the game was directly to the head. Wallace’s helmet flew off during the collision, and Sendejo was penalized for unnecessary roughness.

In his letter to Sendejo, Jon Runyan, the NFL’s vice president of football operations, wrote:

“The violation was flagrant and warrants a suspension because it could have been avoided, was violently directed at the head and neck area and unreasonably placed both you and an opposing player at risk of serious injury.”

Sendejo will be eligible to return to the active roster next Monday. He will miss Minnesota’s game in London against the Cleveland Browns.

But he can appeal the suspension within three business days.


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