Viewer steps up when a young hero needs help

La Crosse teen who saved 5-year-old girl gets a little help from a stranger

Last week, we told you about a 15-year-old La Crosse boy who heroically saved his 5-year-old neighbor from drowning in the Black River on June third.
But Sometimes we discover there’s a lot more to the story.

15-year-old Isaac Deason first came to our attention about  two week’s ago.

His young neighbor was drowning, “I started screaming for her mom,” Isaac said. “I was thinking this is not happening. We don’t deserve this.”

Isaac ended up saving his young neighbor, 5-year-old Morgan from the Black River. But it’s something he said that caught my attention,  “we don’t deserve this.”

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Isaac Deason with 5-year-old Morgan

It turns out Isaac has been through a lot lately.
He lost his 20-year-old sister Brianna very unexpectedly just a few weeks ago.

Tonya Bundy, Isaac’s mom tells us,  “He took it pretty hard, his sister passing and especially not being able to say goodbye to her in the hospital.”

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Brianna Deason and her two children

At the same time, both of Isaac’s parents had their hours cut at their jobs because of the pandemic, so money has been tight.
But, Isaac immediately started looking for a job to help out.

His mom says, “He got a job when COVID hit. He figured mom I want to help you guys out, dad’s hours got reduced at work, so he went and got a job.”

Isaac works Monday through Friday at a local recycling facility to help his family.

Isaac At Work

Isaac at his recycling job

Unfortunately, Isaac’s bike was stolen some time ago and he had just started saving some money to replace it, but something else would put that on hold.

“On my birthday, May 27th he would spend his paycheck on me and buy me presents for my birthday. It was a pretty difficult birthday so he wanted to put a smile on my face.”

Isaac’s sister Brianna had just passed away a few days earlier.

The bike would have to wait.

This is where Troy Gilson comes in, a viewer who saw the story about Isaac stepping up to save Morgan.
Troy and his wife wanted to do something to give back to this young hero whose lost so much.

Gilson pulled up to Isaac’s house last Friday afternoon, climbed into the back of his pick-up truck and said, “I heard you needed a bike!”

Isaac’s face lit up and he said, “I do!”

Gilson carried down a brand new black bicycle out of the bed of his truck, ” So I got you a bike, it’s yours!”

With Troy

Troy Gilson showing Isaac his new bike

Although Isaac was hesitant at first, his mom nodded and smiled because she was in on the surprise.

That’s when Isaac said, ” I don’t have to walk anymore!” And took the bike for a spin.

So even though Isaac has been through a lot lately, a lot of things no one deserves, that day he got what he deserved.

Because even heroes need a little help sometimes.

Author’s Note – I did make sure that Isaac also got a new bike helmet and a lock for his bike. And 5-year-old Morgan made a full recovery and has her own life jacket now.