Video appears to show Wis. man, 76, shooting teen

A surveillance video aired in a Milwaukee trial appears to show a 76-year-old man confronting his 13-year-old neighbor on the sidewalk, pointing a gun at him and firing at least twice.

The video was taken by the defendant’s own surveillance cameras. John Henry Spooner is accused of gunning down Darius Simmons in May 2012.

Police detective Gust Petropoulos testified that the video showed Spooner coming out of his house and confronting Simmons. Their attention appears to get directed briefly toward Simmons’ porch, where prosecutors say the boy’s mother was standing.

Moments later Spooner points the gun back at the teen and appears to fire. The boy backpedals and runs off-screen. He died across the street.

The defense concedes that Spooner fired the gun, but says the legal issue is intent.