Vice President joins us for a One-on-One Interview about La Crosse and COVID, how to unite the country and more!

The Vice President even talked about La Crosse having swing voters who don't necessarily vote a straight ticket

EAU CLAIRE, Wis. (WKBT) — With just 40 days until the election Vice President Mike Pence made a noon stop in Eau Claire today at a manufacturing company.

They dubbed it a’ Made in America’ event and it was meant to highlight manufacturing in Wisconsin.

Pence toured the Midwest Manufacturing Company with Ivanka Trump.

The company has more than a 50 year history in Eau Claire.
And Pence says this company is just one example of those rebounding from the economy hit hard by the pandemic and they are offering training opportunities to get more people back to work.

Vice President Pence was in Eau Claire to talk mostly about manufacturing and jobs as we mentioned earlier, but we were also able to go beyond today’s topic to focus on some other issues too with this exclusive interview.

With La Crosse topping the list for the second week in a row as being a hot spot for new Coronavirus cases in cities over 50,000.
I asked-

Martha: What message would you give young adults who are a vital part of our workforce but also make-up the largest portion of new cases in our area?

Vice President Pence: ” President Trump and I believe that it’s important to get our kids back to school whether that’s K-12 or whether its back on university campuses. But now that they’re back we’re seeing some rise in cases. We’re supporting mitigation efforts but our main message to young people, no one of which would ever wanna expose someone who is vulnerable to a serious outcome to the Coronavirus. Those campuses where we see an outbreak, we are encouraging colleges and universities to keep students on campus while they engage in mitigation .”

Martha: The La Crosse area has a reputation for being somewhat ‘swingy’ and you can’t count on people here to vote a straight ticket.
What one thing do you think the Trump Administration has done to make Western Wisconsin better for people who live here?

Vice President Pence:  ” President trump, the people of Wisconsin saw in the last four years a champion for workers, a champion for farmers and I truly do believe as they go into the ballot place or if they cast that absentee ballot here in the Badger state they’re going to know that bringing this economy all the way back and then some – we need four more years of Donald Trump in the White House.”

I was only allowed three questions, so for my last question I wanted to address the division in our country.

Martha: So I asked – if you along with President Trump were elected for a second term, what could you do as leaders to unite people as opposed to the division we see today?

He sees prosperity and security as a way to unify people.

Vice President Pence:  “I think by lifting up and opening doors of opportunity in education and job opportunities for our African American neighbors and families as we support increased law enforcement and public safety, bringing law and order to the streets of our city… that will be a pathway forward to bringing our nation together. Bringing prosperity and security will come with four more years of President Donald Trump.

The Vice President also paid tribute to the late Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg and then stated the Trump Administration’s plan is to name their nominee to replace her by this Saturday.

After this stop the Vice President was heading to the twin cities tonight for a ‘Cops for Trump’ listening session, where they wanted to show their commitment to law enforcement.