Vets participate in unique deer hunting event

Hunts for Heroes brings vets together

Jake Janes grew up hunting in southern Wisconsin.

“I carried a BB gun since I was 6, out on deer drives with my dad and his buddies until I was old enough to carry a real gun, kept on going and still going.”

Janes served in both Iraq and Afghanistan, and always turned to hunting to unwind.

“You just sit out there an reflect and think about stuff,” Janes said.

But hunting near his home town of Evansville, Wisconsin, wasn’t giving him the same satisfaction it used to.

“A lot of times at home you go out there and it almost gets monotonous. You wake up every day put your orange on, and go out there and sit and you don’t really have group to sit, down and tell your stories with,” Janes said.

So Janes decided to meet up with other servicemen in Cochrane for Hunts for Heroes.

“This is some country I am definitely not familiar with it. Kind of nice to get away from where I’m used to,” Janes said.

He said meeting up with old pals and even some new faces brings a whole new meaning to hunting.

“It’s like your back in the barracks just hanging out with your buddies,” Janes said.

Kyle Buschman helped organize the event. He said hunting helps bring heroes that what served in Vietnam, Korea, and Iraq and Afghanistan together.

“We’ve gotten together and came up with a way to get veterans back together so that we can kind of connect, reflect on some of our experiences and have a really good time in the process of doing that,” Bushman said.

While for many hunters getting a buck is the ultimate prize these hunters say it’s simply about being together.

“To be honest most guys would sit here and say that I would like to harvest a big buck but as long as everyone has fun that’s my goal,” Janes said.