Veterans backpack area bluffs to raise awareness for PTSD

Rucking makes way to the Coulee Region

Coulee Region hikers joined veterans to raise awareness for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Saturday.

Rucking the Bluff was held early in the morning Saturday.  The event hopes to raise awareness for veterans with PTSD. 

Rucking is a military term used for backpacking to cover long distances.

On Saturday, the group took a route that covered nearly ten miles.  Organizers say it’s a different type of charitable event.  Instead of raising money, there’s a different way for you can make a difference.

“We’re actually asking for people to come out and spend time with their vets and show support that way and that actually has a greater impact on vets and the little things they have to go through, big things they have to go through,” said organizer Edward Glimme.

Over 100 people signed up for the first time event.