Vernon County Sheriff’s officers honor fallen K-9 deputy Myk

Vernon County Sheriff's K-9 deputy Myk passes away after more than eight years of service
Myk's memorial service

Viroqua, Wis. (WKBT) – Partners in law enforcement carry a special bond. The Vernon County Sheriff’s Office recently lost one of their own. The respect and appreciation for a fallen partner are just as important even if that friend has four legs.

With great sadness, Vernon County Sheriff John B. Spears reports the untimely passing of K-9 Officer Myk . Myk was…

Posted by Vernon County Sheriff’s Office on Thursday, December 3, 2020

Remembering a falling loved one or friend is not a day we look forward to reach. It’s hard enough to find the words.

“It’s gonna be tough,” Deputy Adam Malin said, as he began to speak for Myk’s memorial service Wednesday afternoon.

Deputy Mark Bellacero and Deputy Malin experienced the companionship and work ethic of man’s best friend, Myk.

“He was my pet. My best friend, my roommate,” Bellacero said, Myk’s handler since 2016. “My third child behind my son.”

K-9 units are a vital part of law enforcement operations.

“They help us do our jobs faster and safer,” John Spears said, Vernon County Sheriff.

K-9s and officers have protected communities for more than 100 years. Myk’s service spans eight and a half years with the Vernon County Sheriff’s Office.

Spears said Myk spent 18,432 hours taking bad people off the street. He protecting the six of his handlers as they risk their lives protecting their community.

“If you ran from Myk you only went to jail tired and very sore,” Spears said.

The bond they shared is a gift for their heart.

“They’re together on every call,” Spears said.

But when the heart falls in love a hole can be left behind.

“Myk’s last shift with his partner Mark was on Nov. 27, 2020,” Spears said.

Myk’s last breath was Dec. 2 after a diagnosis of cancer.

“Myk will be missed by Vernon County and by the Vernon County Sheriff’s Office,” Spears said. “But he will especially be missed by his family”

The memories he created will never die.

“It was a tough week, but remembering all the good things that I got to do with that dog,” Bellacero said. “We hiked, we walked. Every day we walked.”

Myk’s example is how a life in law enforcement is measured. Another gift for the hearts of these officers.

“Myk helped me get to where I am today because I grew in roles that I didn’t know that I could do,” Malin said, Myk’s handler from 2012-2016.

Hearts with a temporary void that will be filled with Myk’s inspiration. That’s a powerful thing.

“Being a K-9 handler and partner was an awesome experience in my life,” Malin said. “I will never forget.”

Myk passed away peacefully in his sleep with his family by his side.