Vernon County sheriff continues investigation into attempted child abduction in La Farge

The Vernon County Sheriff’s Office is still investigating an attempted child abduction that happened in La Farge on Friday night. Police are asking the public for information about the individual.

The suspect is described as a Caucasian male possibly in his 20s, with a thin build and dark hair. It was said that he was wearing a black colored half mask on his face, a black T-shirt and red shoes.

The suspect was last seen on West Highland Street. Anyone with information is asked to call the Vernon County Sheriff’s Office

Sheriff John Spears said the office heavily relies on the public in these cases and it also wants to educate people on how to avoid a potential abduction before it’s too late.

“Make noise, be seen, be heard, cause a commotion and fight,” Spears said. “We’ve said scream, ‘Fire,'” Spears said. “If you hear somebody scream ‘fire’ people pay attention and look.”

The Sheriff’s Office is still looking for the suspect and is asking the public to come forward to connect the dots.

“We always try to urge people to call immediately and not sit on the information,” Spears said.

No one was hurt in the attempted child abduction according to the Vernon Country Sheriff’s Office.

“We had officers on location in just a few minutes,” Spears said.

If someone is abducted, the Sheriff’s Office is ready to carry out the necessary steps.

“In those cases, it would go not only to the local areas right away but it would go statewide. We would notify and get out an Amber Alert,” Spears said.

The Sheriff’s Office said adults and especially children need to be careful when a stranger approaches them.

“Are they trying to get you over near a vehicle? If someone stops in a vehicle and gets out and approaches a young person, that’s a huge red flag,” Spears said.

Spears said people need to take a step back when meeting new people.

“(In small communities), we trust everybody, so people are trusting and open their doors to people,” Spears said. “That still doesn’t mean we can’t care about other people and our neighbors but we still have to look at it a little bit deeper.”

Anyone with information can call the Vernon County Sheriff’s Office at 608-637-2123 or Vernon County Crime Stoppers at 608-637-8477.