Vernon County braces for potential flooding

Once a year, the Town of Viola is brought together for the annual Viola Horse and Colt show, and today they’re putting the finishing touches on the carnival for the weekend.

While many in town are working together to put the show on, the weather has not been as cooperative.

“It would be a dire emergency if we had to cancel it.”

Greg Kellogg, president of the Horse and Colt Show has done what he can to keep the track dry.

“Last night seeing the forecast we went and purchased tarps, and the track is covered up, so we can uncover it, dig it, and we’ll be ready to go.”

Viola like all of Vernon County has seen enough rain.

“They’re getting tired of it, but they’re getting used to it, said Brandon Larson of Vernon County Emergency Management.”

Larson has been called out to several towns lining the Kickapoo River these last few days. “

“We’ve had quite a bit of water in the last week and a half, a lot of rain here, so I knew it wasn’t going to take much.”

Several towns in Vernon County saw 1-3 inches of rain last night, and in some areas the river has risen by 6 inches in the last few days.

Flooding cut off some roads. No reports of damage to homes or businesses in Vernon County yet, but the river looks to still rise.

“Here in Viola they’re forecasting 16-16.9 ft, which puts it up to the park here,” explained Larson.

That park was going to a host site of the Horse and Colt Show.

“The ground is so wet,” said Kellogg.

But the show will adapt.

“As of right now the status of the weekend is still a go,” expressed Kellogg.

Because Viola isn’t the same without it.

“We’re just happy we can go this year.”

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