Vandalism at pay stations causes city to refund drivers

City also looks at structural concerns in ramp

Vandalism at pay stations in some of the downtown La Crosse parking ramps is causing problems for the city.

The parking utility board is refunding those who have had trouble parking in the ramps because of broken entry gates at the pay stations. Along with the refund, city officials are also looking at doing maintenance repair in the Market Square Ramp because of safety concerns over its structure.

The city accepted a $20,000 bid from the I&S Group out of La Crosse to look at what needs to be done to fix it.

“They are people that have been working in the business long enough that we are very pleased that it was a very competitive bid on their part. We can’t afford to take a risk on it,” said Audrey Kader, Chair of the city’s Parking Utility Board.   

The city hopes to complete the first phase of the project by the beginning of the year.