Vaccines in high demand amidst monkeypox outbreak, Wisconsin DHS says

LA CROSSE (WKBT) — As monkeypox cases continue to skyrocket in the U.S., demand for vaccines are exceeding the amount that can be supplied to patients.

In Wisconsin, testing and vaccination sites are running low on supply.

Appointments for monkeypox vaccinations are filling up statewide as well.

Although vaccines continue to be in high demand, they are currently only available for certain groups of people.

“First, people who are known to have contact with someone with monkeypox,” said Dr. Ryan Westergaard of Wisconsin DHS. “Second, people who know that a sexual partner within the past 14 days have been diagnosed for monkeypox. Thirdly, gay men, bisexual men, transgender men who have had multiple sexual partners within the last 14 days.”

Individuals with diseases that would weaken immune systems such as HIV, are also prioritized for the vaccine.