VA to change prescription practices in Tomah

The VA says they’re already making changes to prescription practices in Tomah.

Results from an investigation were released Tuesday showing Tomah patients are less likely to be prescribed opiates, but those with prescriptions are two and a half times more likely to have high dosages. 

The investigation started following a report on the medical center that made similar allegations.

Federal VA Officials say they’re taking the accusations seriously.

“I think we are too quick to prescribe pills, and part of the challenge and part of the opportunity at the VA is finding alternative approaches to pain, in particular,” said VA Deputy Secretary Sloan Gibson.

“Such as acupuncture and [chiropractic] and a couple of other massage therapy measures that are very effective pain control,” said Dr. Gavin West, the National Clinical Lead for the Opioid Safety Initiative.

There are several investigations going on at the VA into the allegations of over-prescriping opiates and for creating a hostile work environment.