UWPD issues Bucky Bucket list warning

Students heading to Bascom Hall's roof could face citations

An illegal University of Wisconsin-Madison “bucket list” item is happening so often campus police are issuing a warning.

Multiple times every night campus police say after students hoist themselves up onto Bascom Hall’s old, rusty fire escape they are making the dangerous trek up 80 see-through stairs. Official said the students are trying to check reaching the roof of the iconic campus building off their Bucky Bucket List.

So far this year there have been 35 citations issued for unauthorized presence, as compared to 38 citations at this time last year, which includes a hefty fine.

“It’s $200.50, and then also the students we do contact up here have been drinking. It’s a second ticket of underage drinking, and that’s $263.50.” UWPD officer Kristin Radtke said. “The worry is they would either fall on the stairs or fall off the roof.”

While police say Bascom Hall receives many more alarm calls, by the time officers arrive on scene the culprits have left and they are not caught.

The Bucky Bucket List became popular a couple of years ago with campus newspaper articles telling students “mostly” legal memories to make before graduating. The illegal part of that has increasingly become a popular and big problem.

Another bucket list item, sneaking onto Camp Randall’s 50 yard line, has gotten 64 students cited so far this year.